Testul din anul 2018, prima sesiune, la limba engleză, pentru Şcoala de Agenţi de Poliţie Vasile Lascăr Câmpina

61. They ... for a house in this area these days.:
a) look;
b) will look;
c) are looking;
d) looked.

62. Sally ... dinner when the phone rang.:
a)was walking;
b) made;
c) used to make;
d) has made.

63. Unfortunatelly, I ... from him since then.:
a) didn't hear;
b) don't hear;
c) wasn't hearing;
d) haven't heard.

64. After they reached the cottage, they realised someone else ... there:
a) was;
b) had been;
c) were;
d) has been.

65. You remembered to take your passport, ...?:
a) did you;
b) are you;
c) isn't it;
d) didn't you.

66. I was starving because I ... anything for three days.:
a) hasn't been eating;
b) hadn't eaten;
c) had eaten;
d) has eaten.

67. I expect they ... able tu buy their own cottage next year.:
a) will have been;
b) are going to be;
c) will be;
d) is.

68. By 2050, scientists ... more energy efficient machines.:
a) will have invented;
b) will invent;
c) invented;
d) will be invented.

69. Did you ... doughnuts with your tea yesterday morning?:
a) used to have;
b) have;
c) had;
d) haved.

70. I ... an apple pie, that's why I need eggs.:
a) will be baked;
b) bake;
c) won't bake;
d) am going to bake.

71. All the participants in the exam ... bring dictionaries in the examination room.:
a) aren't allowed;
b) mustn't to;
c) mustn't;
d) don't need to.

72. Excuse me, Dr. Jones, ... I barrow your research notes, please?:
a) may;
b) must;
c) should;
d) need.

73. If I ... you, I wouldn't go hiking alone in such a dangerous place.:
a) am;
b) will be;
c) were;
d) might be.

74. If you want to find a cheap flight, ... early.:
a) book;
b) booked;
c) have booked;
d) will book.

75. These photos ... with a forty-year-old camera.:
a) being taken;
b) were taking;
c) will be take;
d) were taken.

76. It ... having a web page is a good way to advertise a business.:
a) is thinking of;
b) is thought that;
c) thinks that;
d) was thought to.

77. I wish she ... happier about the present I gave her on her birthday.:
a) were;
b) are;
c) is;
d) has been.

78. The manager asked me how long ... unemployed.:
a) had I been;
b) am I;
c) I had been;
d) have I been.

79. I will call you when I ... home to tell you the big news.:
a) arrive;
b) will arrive;
c) arrives;
d) arrived.

80. I am going to take my camera tomorrow so Karen needn't take ... .:
a) theirs;
b) my;
c) its;
d) hers.

81. How ... milk would you like in your coffee?:
a) many;
b) much;
c) a little;
d) a lot of.

82. It was ... earthquake Asia had ever experienced.:
a) as bad as;
b) worse;
c) the worst;
d) worst.

83. ... supermarkets in your neighbourhood?:
a) Is there some;
b) Is there any;
c) Are there some;
d) Are there any.

84. The information they gave us at the police station ... incorrect.:
a) were;
b) was;
c) is being;
d) are.

85. I'm sure that's the place ... the accident happened:
a) where;
b) who;
c) which;
d) when.

86. Frank accused me ... stealing money from his drawer.:
a) for;
b) to;
c) of;
d) on.

87. Tracy doesn't study as ... as her sister.:
a) hard;
b) harder;
c) the hardest;
d) hardly.

88. I don't have to wear ... uniform to work.:
a) -;
b) an;
c) the;
d) a.

89. It was difficult for the survivors to ... the freezing temperatures.:
a) give up;
b) cope with;
c) get on;
d) put off.

90. It fill only take us fifteen minutes to get there on ... . It's silly to drive.:
a) bus;
b) tram;
c) train;
d) foot.

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