Testul din anul 2020, la limba engleză, prima sesiune, pentru Şcoala de Agenţi de Poliţie Vasile Lascăr Câmpina

!!!Pentru fiecare întrebare a testului de cunoștințe sunt prevăzute patru variante de răspuns notate cu litere de la a) la d). Dintre aceste patru variante una și numai una singură reprezintă răspunsul corect.

61. This is the most frightening experience ... in my life!:
a) I ever saw;
b) I have ever been seen;
c) I have ever seen;
d) I ever see.

62. I need ... advice about how to make a complaint to my travel agency.:
a) an;
b) a;
c) some;
d) few.

63. The money you gave me yesterday ... in the car.:
a) is;
b) are;
c) have;
d) it is.

64. Helen ... eighteen. Surely she's younger than that.:
a) can't be;
b) must be;
c) should be;
d) needs to be.

65. We wish you ... here with us now.:
a) are;
b) had been;
c) have been;
d) were.

66. Each contestant ... the opportunity to sing a duet with a famous artist.:
a) is given;
b) has given;
c) is giving;
d) has been giving.

67. They congratulated us ... winning the race.:
a) for;
b) on;
c) at;
d) to.

68. Isn't there ... at the reception who can help me with my language?:
a) everybody;
b) something;
c) nobody;
d) anybody.

69. I don't know how my cousin managed to ... so much weight. She used to eat so sensibly.:
a) put on;
b) go off;
c) get on;
d) take in.

70. I've always been keen ... virtual reality.:
a) in;
b) for;
c) to;
d) on.

71. We are all looking forward to ... them.:
a) meet;
b) meeting;
c) have meet;
d) having meet.

72. The shopkeeper asked me ... to the flea market in Athens before.:
a) whether I had ever been;
b) did I ever go;
c) had I ever been;
d) have I ever been.

73. When did you ... ?:
a) services your car;
b) have your car serviced;
c) had your car serviced;
d) serviced your car.

74. All of my friends did their project by ... last week.:
a) theirselves;
b) themself;
c) ourselves;
d) themselves.

75. If Sue ... my attention, I wouldn't have noticed the mistake.:
a) wouldn't draw;
b) wouldn't have drawn;
c) hadn't drawn;
d) didn't draw.

76. The employee ... card was stolen is a friend of mine.:
a) whose;
b) which;
c) to which;
d) who's.

77. If you had brought your camera on this trip, you ... to take a lot of beautiful pictures now.:
a) will be able;
b) would be able;
c) are able;
d) would been able.

78. This is by far the ... book I have ever read.:
a) worst;
b) most bad;
c) worse;
d) more bad.

79. At this time tomorrow Mike ... to Bucharest.:
a) will have travelled;
b) will be travelling;
c) is travelling;
d) has travelled.

80. Ted is definitely ... than his sibling.:
a) wealthiest;
b) as wealty;
c) more wealthy;
d) wealtheir.

81. I am your best friend, ...?:
a) am I;
b) are I;
c) aren't I;
d) isn't it.

82. How many ... were caught by the police last year?:
a) thief;
b) thiefs;
c) thieves;
d) thief's.

83. Tom ... me that I had to withdraw money from the bank that afternoon.:
a) suggested;
b) reminded;
c) remembered;
d) insisted.

84. She has been arranging the paintings ... two hours.:
a) since;
b) for;
c) whereas;
d) while.

85. According to the school calendar, when ... ?:
a) is the holiday going to begin;
b) is the holiday beginning;
c) does the holiday begin;
d) did the holiday began.

86. Look at that tree! It ... !:
a) will fall;
b) is going to fall;
c) will have been falling;
d) will be fallen.

87. He assured me he ... before ten o'clock, but - here he is.:
a) wouldn't arrive;
b) is not arriving;
c) hadn't arrived;
d) hadn't been arriving.

88. Romania is ... European country.:
a) an;
b) some;
c) these;
d) a.

89. When he ... the report, he will send it to his boss.:
a) will finish;
b) finish;
c) finishes;
d) will have finished.

90. ... the weather was fine, we decided to go for a swim.:
a) Because of;
b) During;
c) Duw to;
d) As.

!!!Fiecare răspuns corect este apreciat cu un punct.

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