Testul din anul 2007, la limba engleză, pentru Şcoala de Agenţi de Poliţie Vasile Lascăr Câmpina

1. Have you received the money? Yes, I have received ...:
a) them;
b) it;
c) they.

2. If you ... her, although I know she is on holiday, tell het to come to the party.:
a) should see;
b) will see;
c) would see.

3. It's a Romanian ship. Haven't you seen ...?:
a) a colour;
b) the colour;
c) the colours.

4. She will phone you she ... home from work and ... all the letters.:
a) got/read;
b) gets/ has read;
c) will get/ will read.

5. Mark didn't know that the synonym for ''redundancy'' was ...:
a) iteration;
b) facility;
c) increment.

6. You should ... my file thoroughly. I do need your opinion.:
a) look at;
b) look through;
c) look into.

7. We all would have gone for a walk if it ...:
a) rained;
b) hadn't rained;
c) wouldn't rain.

8. It seemed to me that the streets were ... than those in the other town I had visited.:
a) much narrow;
b) much narroewr;
c) more narrow.

9. On the first of March even the ... were offered ... and books about ...:
a) woman servants/ forget-me-nots/ the Middle Age;
b) women servants/ forget-me-nots/ the Middle Ages;
c) women servants/ forgets-me-nots/ the Middle Ages.

10. The commitee .. their verdict after they ... all your plans.:
a) gave/ had read;
b) will give/ will read;
c) gave/ will have read.

11. I prefer ... coffee to ... tea. Anyhow, ... coffee you offered me was too strong.:
a) - / - / the;
b) the / the / the;
c) a / a / a.

12. It was marvelous to walk in the park and to watch the trees ... leaves had already turned yellow.:
a) whose;
b) which;
c) of which.

13. The two friends started talking about the school years; ... them realized how late it was.:
a) none of;
b) no one of;
c) neither of.

14. Don't forget that ... are coming tonight. I don't want them to see ... Grigorescu we bought yesterday.:
a) the Brown's / -;
b) Browns / the;
c) the Browns / the.

15. The older you get, the moreyou ... like your mother.:
a) are looking;
b) looked;
c) look.

16. Although he is in ... he is still an energetic man.:
a) his eighty;
b) his eighties;
c) his eightys.

17. ... in the school had won scholarships.:
a) several boys;
b) several of the boys;
c) several of boys.

18. You know I've got only ... money; I can't lend you ...:
a) little / any;
b) few / some;
c) a few / no.

19. There aren't many pictures in this book, ... :
a) are there?;
b) are they?;
c) isn't it?.

20. I can lend you my English book when I ... doing my ... :
a) had finishd / homework;
b) will finish / homeworks;
c) have finished / homework.

21. I couldn't decide whether Rex or Bob was ...:
a) the tallest;
b) the most tall;
c) the taller.

22. She would have been grateful to me if I ... to look for her baby for a while.:
a) will acept;
b) had accepted;
c) accept.

23. The friend of ... has just got pensioned last year.:
a) John's brother-in-law;
b) the brother-in-law of John;
c) John brother-in-law.

24. If you ... eat so much fat no wonder you will put on weight:
a) should eat;
b) ate;
c) would eat.

25. They wouldn't have lost the race unless their lead ... late:
a) hadn't been;
b) had been;
c) weren't.

26. He said he was only a bit tipsy but I could see that he was ... :
a) as drunk as a lord;
b) as drunk as a pig;
c) as drunk as a dog.

27. Provided you ... the house as clean as it is I'll let you invite all your friends for a party:
a) leave;
b) will leave;
c) left.

28. Mum wanted to know how many pills ...:
a) do you take daily;
b) you took daily;
c) did you take daily.

29. You ... called her up. She already knew the great news:
a) needn't have;
b) couldn't have;
c) shouldn't have.

30. They ... to visiting museums every time they go abroad:
a) use;
b) are being used;
c) are used.

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