Testul din anul 2009, la limba engleză, pentru Şcoala de Agenţi de Poliţie Vasile Lascăr Câmpina

61. He told me he ... eventually tell me the truth.
a) will;
b) would;
c) had.

62. She ... windows since morning; she is really tired.
a) has been cleaning;
b) is cleaning;
c) cleans.

63. You may not borrow another book ... you have returned the previous one.
a) unless;
b) if;
c) when.

64. I ... the tea if it had been sweeter.
a) drank;
b) would drink;
c) would have drunk.

65. If only this beautiful dining-hall ... so cold!
a) isn't;
b) weren't;
c) hasn't been.

66. He wishes he ... your advice then!
a) followed;
b) had followed;
c) would follow.

67. It's time the children ... to bed.
a) go;
b) will go;
c) went.

68. I'm sorry I ... to you for so long, but I have been very busy.
a) haven't written;
b) am not writing;
c) didn't write.

69. The roof needs ... by all means.
a) repaired;
b) repairing;
c) be repaired.

70. I am looking forward to ... his face when I tell him the news.
a) see;
b) seen;
c) seeing.

71. Service was included in the bill, so you ... the waiter. It was a waste of money.
a) didn't need to tip;
b) needn't have tipped;
c) wouldn't have tipped.

72. He must ... into ... a river and ... by crocodiles.
a) have fallen, have been eaten;
b) have fallen, be eaten;
c) fell, has been eaten.

73. You won't do all this by yourself, ...?
a) won't you;
b) will you;
c) wouldn't you.

74. ... a job is to do, ... paid are the people who do it.
a) the harder, the more well;
b) the harder, the better;
c) the harder, the gooder.

75. That behaviour is really characteristic ... him.
a) for;
b) to;
c) of.

76. ... had the curtain been raised than the lights went out.
a) No sooner;
b) Hardly;
c) Scarcely.

77. Suppose you ... your keys. What would you do?
a) lose;
b) would lose;
c) lost.

78. The police ... following the two ... who have stolen the jewels.
a) is, thieves;
b) are, thieves;
c) are, thiefs.

79. When he ... out the truth, he will be angry with you.
a) finds;
b) find;
c) will find.

80. I looked again for the old man, but he ... .
a) was vanished;
b) has vanished;
c) had vanished.

81. Last week I ... home after playing tennis when it started raining heavily.
a) was walking;
b) had been walking;
c) walked.

82. This is the person ... I sold my car.
a) who;
b) to whom;
c) which.

83. I was brought up ... an island ... the coast of Scotland.
a) in, near;
b) on, near;
c) on, next to.

84. When I met him, he asked me where ...:
a) do I work;
b) did I work;
c) I worked.

85. His jokes were so funny that they made me ... heartily.
a) to laugh;
b) laughing;
c) laugh.

86. I'd rather you ... him about the robbery.
a) didn't tell;
b) don't tell;
c) wouldn't tell.

87. I don't like horror movies and ... John.
a) neither does;
b) nor;
c) so doesn't.

88. Do you have any ... about the project? I really need ... .
a) information, them;
b) information, it;
c) informations, it.

89. ... Columbus was one of ... first people to cross ... Atlantic.
a) the, the, the;
b) - , the, -;
c) - , the, the.

90. My car is twice ... his.
a) as expensive as;
b) more expensive than;
c) more expensive as.

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