Testul din anul 2010, la limba engleză, pentru Şcoala de Agenţi de Poliţie Vasile Lascăr Câmpina

61. This is the first time I ... to London.
a) have been;
b) was;
c) am.

62. You'll be late unless you ... .
a) will hurry;
b) hurry;
c) don't hurry.

63. Despite ... in the same building, we hardly ever see each other.
a) we live;
b) living;
c) to living.

64. This cake ... delicious, don't you think so?
a) is tasting;
b) will be tasting;
c) tastes.

65. The older you get, the more ... like your mother.
a) are looking;
b) look;
c) looked.

66. First time you've seen this film, ...?
a) haven't you;
b) is it;
c) isn't it.

67. I'd rather you ... the meat in the oven.
a) put;
b) will put;
c) would put.

68. Nobody came, ... they?
a) do;
b) don't ;
c) did.

69. She ... bulbs last autumn if she wanted flowers to appear in spring as I had already done it.
a) shouldn't have planted;
b) didn't have to plant;
c) shouldn't plant.

70. When the rain ... they can begin to paint the house.
a) will stop;
b) stops;
c) is going to stop.

71. I wish he ... in town at present.
a) were;
b) had been;
c) has been.

72. The news that ... to change his life arrived on Sunday morning.
a) was;
b) were;
c) will be.

73. They ... with their parents for a while until their house is ready.
a) stay;
b) are staying;
c) will stay.

74. I'm afraid I'll never ... starting work at seven o'clock.
a) use to;
b) get used to;
c) used to.

75. Don't come too late for dinner, ...?
a) do you;
b) will you;
c) won't you.

76. Let's go out for a walk ...?
a) do we;
b) shall we;
c) don't we.

77. There is no point ... about the others as long as you don't keep your word yuorself.
a) to having complained;
b) to complain;
c) in complaining.

78. The two injured men are thought ... the overhead cables before that accident.
a) to repair;
b) to be repairing;
c) to have repaired.

79. The woman asked the child how old ... .
a) he is ;
b) was he;
c) he was.

80 . The critics predicted that the new play ... a flop.
a) will be;
b) would be;
c) is going to be.

81. She always ... because she can't do it herself.
a) has her dresses made;
b) makes her dresses;
c) is making her dresses.

82. Hardly ... into the house ... he found out the bad news.
a) had he got, when;
b) got he, than;
c) he had got, that.

83. I love tea! So ... .
a) am I;
b) do I;
c) I do.

84. I haven't seen such a person as Tom.
a) Neither do I;
b) So do I;
c) Neither have I.

85. Only after posting the letter ... that I had forgotten to put on a stamp.
a) I remembered;
b) did I remember;
c) did I remembered.

86. If you ... anything about him, although I know he is away, let me know about it.
a) will hear;
b) should hear;
c) heard.

87. I would like you to ... my baby until I come back.
a) look after;
b) look for;
c) look out.

88. It ... the cat that stole the meat as it was in the garden with me.
a) can't be;
b) mustn't be;
c) can't have been.

89. The trees ... leaves are yellow were planted last year.
a) whose;
b) who's ;
c) which.

90. He got up late lest he ... the train.
a) misses;
b) should miss;
c) shouldn't miss.

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