Testul din anul 2012, la limba engleză, pentru Şcoala de Agenţi de Poliţie Vasile Lascăr Câmpina

61. I usually go to school by bus but this week I ... on foot.:
a) went;
b) was gone;
c) go;
d) am going.

62. Mary, ... is the best in her class, won the competition.:
a) whom;
b) that;
c) who;
d) which.

63. Reports are coming in of a major oil spill in ... Mediterranean.:
a) a;
b) an;
c) the;
d) -.

64. We've only got ... milk left, so get some when you go shopping.:
a) little;
b) few;
c) a few;
d) many.

65. Your money ... spent yesterday on expensive pieces of clothing.:
a) is;
b) was;
c) were;
d) are.

66. I ... for the match to begin when suddenly a dog ran onto the pitch.:
a) had waited;
b) waited;
c) was waiting;
d) wait.

67. My computer is more competitive than ... .:
a) yours;
b) your;
c) your's ;
d) her.

68. ... people over there can't be your cousins.:
a) That;
b) This;
c) These;
d) Those.

69. He bought delicious chocolate cakes for all the ... in the house.:
a) womans ;
b) women;
c) woman's;
d) woman.

70. I need ... to help me. I don't have ... shoulder to cry on.:
a) anybody, no;
b) somebody, any;
c) something, some;
d) nobody, no.

71. The prisoner knew he ... a mistake and would regret it forever.:
a) had made;
b) had maked;
c) would made;
d) is making.

72. I wish I ... do better in Maths.:
a) would;
b) could;
c) will;
d) can.

73. She has to arrive at the office at 2 o'clock, this means ... to wake up late.:
a) to have;
b) to having;
c) having;
d) have.

74. It's about time you ... thinking about setting up your own business.:
a) start;
b) have started;
c) to start;
d) started.

75. I'd have been able to say goodbye to Trish if I ... to the airport in time.:
a) had got;
b) got;
c) would have got;
d) get.

76. Bill asked me why ... him to go shopping with me.:
a) I hadn't invited;
b) hadn't I invited;
c) I hadn't him invited;
d) hadn't I him invited.

77. ... I have a look at those shoes in the window, please?:
a) Must;
b) Should;
c) Would;
d) Could.

78. The big house in my neighbourhood ... yet.:
a) wasn't demolished;
b) haven't been demolished;
c) hasn't been demolished;
d) wasn't being demolished.

79. Why ... so fast past the police station?:
a) did you drove;
b) did you drive;
c) you drove;
d) was you driving.

80. ... you learn ... you get to know things.:
a) Most, best;
b) More, better;
c) The many, the best;
d) The more, the better.

81. I can ... believe that he has gone. He wouldn't have left without me!:
a) hardly;
b) hard;
c) hardlier;
d) harder.

82. He doesn't like football; his father doesn't like it ... .:
a) neither;
b) too;
c) either;
d) as well.

83. It is difficult ... a job these days.:
a) find;
b) to find;
c) finding;
d) in finding.

84. "How long ... Tony?" "Since we were children.":
a) did you know;
b) do you know;
c) have you known;
d) will you know.

85. We won't have good crops ... it rains.:
a) unless;
b) if ;
c) as long as;
d) despite.

86. I don't think people should be allowed to perform experiments ... animals.:
a) for;
b) on;
c) over;
d) to.

87. This time next week we ... to France.:
a) have travelled;
b) have been travelling;
c) will be travelling;
d) travel.

88. Some crimes seem to be ... in this country than in others.:
a) common enough;
b) common;
c) the most common;
d) more common.

89. We ... pay for the tickets as Josie won them in a competition.:
a) mustn't;
b) didn't have to;
c) needn't have;
d) hadn't to.

90. By the time he ... back she will have left.:
a) gets;
b) will get;
c) will have got;
d) get.

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