Testul din anul 2014, la limba engleză, pentru Şcoala de Agenţi de Poliţie Vasile Lascăr Câmpina

61. He had to take the dog out ... of the terrible weather.:
a) even though;
b) in spite;
c) although;
d) no matter.

62. We'll have to wait here until the doctor ...:
a) arrives;
b) arrive;
c) will arrive;
d) would arrive.

63. You ... watered the flowers because Jenny had already done it before leaving the house.:
a) needn't has;
b) can't have been;
c) shouldn't had;
d) needn't have.

64. Have they been to ...?:
a) Canada or United States;
b) the Canada or the United States;
c) Canada or the United States;
d) the Canada or United States.

65. It's snowing outside and they are not wearing their coats; they ... be freezing.:
a) couldn't;
b) can't;
c) needn't;
d) must.

66. The old man asked me where ... .:
a) is the railway station;
b) the railway station would be;
c) was the railway station;
d) the railway station was.

67. One of our manager's ... valuable assets is his ability to delegate responsabilities.:
a) more;
b) much;
c) most;
d) the more.

68. Three ... volunteers were sent to Africa to help ... of people threatened by starvation.:
a) hundred/ thousand;
b) hundreds/ thousands;
c) hundreds/ thousand;
d) hundred/ thousands.

69. I don't understand ... of these dishes is to be included in the menu.:
a) which;
b) what;
c) thet;
d) some.

70. If you had looked more carefully, you ... him at the library yesterday:
a) will see;
b) would see;
c) see;
d) would have seen.

71. I ... fairy tales when I was a kid:
a) used to read;
b) used to reading;
c) am used to reading;
d) was used to read.

72. Students are not allowed to bring ... and ... to school:
a) knifes/ stics;
b) knives/ stiks;
c) knives/ sticks;
d) knifes/ sticks.

73. '' I am sorry ... you that you're suspended ":
a) informing;
b) to inform;
c) inform;
d) have informed.

74. Countries involved in conflicts need a(n) ... and much ... concerning the management of the crisis:
a) advise/ information;
b) piece of advice/ information;
c) piece of advise/ information;
d) advice/ informations.

75. ... a flying saucer ? :
a) Had you ever seen;
b) Did you ever saw;
c) Do you ever see;
d) Have you ever seen.

76. I have never seen ... fashionable clothes before:
a) so;
b) what;
c) such;
d) such a.

77. ... idea was it to visit the exhibition ?:
a) What;
b) Who;
c) Whose;
d) Where.

78. George and Jim helped ... to more coffee:
a) themself;
b) themselfes;
c) themselves;
d) themselfs.

79. The teacher gave us ... homework to do:
a) several;
b) many;
c) too much;
d) a few.

80. New drugs ... tested at the moment:
a) are being;
b) were being;
c) will be;
d) have been.

81. We had to go home ... because our car is being serviced:
a) on foot;
b) by foot;
c) on feet;
d) with foot.

82. ... were several celebrities at the party:
a) They ;
b) There;
c) It ;
d) That.

83. He ... a scholarship last month:
a) was offered;
b) is offered;
c) has been offered;
d) will be offered.

84. He is a stranger in our town, so, .... is known about his life:
a) little;
b) a little;
c) few;
d) a few.

85. Unless she ... in the next ten minutes, we will have to go without her:
a) phones;
b) doesn't phone;
c) will phone;
d) won't phone.

86. By the end of the month I ... my apartment:
a) will have sold;
b) will sell;
c) have sold;
d) sold.

87. Last summer I visited the United States. I ... to that trip for ages:
a) am looking forward;
b) had been looking forward;
c) have been looking forward;
d) will be looking forward.

88. The more carefully you read, ... you'll understand the book:
a) the better ;
b) best;
c) the best;
d) better.

89. The Prime Minister flew back to his country after ... negociating with China:
a) successfuly;
b) successful;
c) successfull;
d) successfully.

90. The cruies ... a fortnight , according to the official schedule:
a) is lasting;
b) lasts;
c) has last;
d) last.

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