Testul din anul 2015, la limba engleză, pentru Şcoala de Agenţi de Poliţie Vasile Lascăr Câmpina

61. Don't disturb me at noon. I ... :
a) will have slept;
b) will be sleeping;
c) sleep;
d) will sleep.

62. Their office is in a skycraper, on ...:
a) floor 21;
b) the 21th floor;
c) the 21st floor;
d) the 21nd floor.

63. Today's weather forecast is ... than yesterday:
a) worse;
b) worser;
c) more bad;
d) badder.

64. It usually ... grandmother a long time to remember what she wants.:
a) take;
b) took;
c) takes;
d) is taking.

65. If I ... the book, I will lend it to you.:
a) will find;
b) would find;
c) found;
d) find.

66. Where did you get all ... information from?:
a) these;
b) those;
c) them;
d) this.

67. I ... anywhere so far:
a) was never sent;
b) have never been sent;
c) never sent;
d) has never been sent.

68. Unless you leave for the airport immediately, you ... your flight:
a) miss;
b) will miss;
c) are missing;
d) won't miss.

69. The classes are over. You ... go home:
a) shouldn't;
b) may not;
c) shall;
d) may.

70. My sister was having breakfast when the telephone ...:
a) ringing;
b) rang;
c) was ringing;
d) has rung.

71. We ... some questions at the interview next week:
a) will be asked;
b) are asked;
c) have been asked;
d) be asking.

72. When I saw her, she ... a blue dress:
a) was wearing;
b) used to wear;
c) wore;
d) har worn.

73. I was trying to find out what he ... :
a) mean;
b) are meaning;
c) were meaning;
d) meant.

74. Jill ... to bake a cake for the party:
a) agree happily;
b) happily agreed;
c) happy agreed;
d) agreed happy.

75. I'm looking for a ... briefcase.:
a) leather, Italian, brown;
b) Italian, brown, leather;
c) brown, Italian, leather;
d) leather, brown, Italian.

76. This is the boy ... father founded the company:
a) whom;
b) whose;
c) who's;
d) who.

77. They said that the thief ... by the neighbours.:
a) had been seen;
b) has been seen;
c) was seen;
d) will be seen.

78. All her grandchildren take advantage ... het generosity:
a) for;
b) with;
c) in;
d) of.

79. By the end of the year, they ... ten months in the mountains:
a) have spent;
b) will have spent;
c) are spending;
d) will be spending.

80. This is the second time I ... directions to my house:
a) have given;
b) give;
c) am giving;
d) will give.

81. I adviced ... early:
a) leave;
b) him leave;
c) him leaving;
d) him to leave.

82. He told me that his knowledge of English ... exellent:
a) were;
b) was;
c) has been;
d) have been.

83. That is Tom's brother, ... you spoke to yesterday:
a) that;
b) which;
c) whom;
d) whose.

84. How long ... here?:
a) are you waiting;
b) do you wait;
c) did you wait;
d) have you been waiting.

85. The Browns went cruising on "... Albatross" last summer:
a) -;
b) an;
c) the;
d) a.

86. I can't speak French. ...:
a) Neither I;
b) neither me;
c) Neither I can;
d) Neither can I.

87. There is too ... furniture in my room:
a) much;
b) a little;
c) many;
d) few.

88. It is said that birds ... long distances:
a) fly;
b) are flying;
c) have flown;
d) have been flying.

89. He ... done it all by himself, somebody helped him:
a) must have;
b) would have;
c) shouldn't have;
d) couldn't have.

90. The police wouldn't give you a fine if you ... the car there:
a) hadn't parked;
b) wouldn't park;
c) wouldn't have parked;
d) didn't parked.

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