Test engleză sesiunea aprilie-iunie 2023

76. The hunter managed to kill the fox, but the... and the ... escaped.

a. colt / ox
b. oxen / foal
c. calf / cow
d. vixen / cub

77. Many ... were present to show solidarity towards the cause.

a. persons
b. people
c. peoples
d. person

78. ... prime minister was delivering ... speech when ... foreign committee decided to interrupt him.

a. The / a / a
b. A / the / a
c. The / the / a
d. The / the / the

79. People saw him as being ... man for the job.

a. more unsuitable than
b. unsuitabler
c. the most unsuitable
d. as unsuitable as

80. The presentation was absolutely brilliant. Everybody thought it was ....

a. horrible
b. amazing
c. bad
d. unsatisfying

81. Our team finished the race on the ... position.

a. twenty-onc
b. twenty-oneth
c. twethieth-first
d. twenty-first

82. "... the top of my head, I can give you four reasons why we should apply for the scholarship".

a. Of
b. From
c. On
d. Out

83. "The author wrote his book in two years," the teacher said.

a. The teacher said that the author had writtcn the book in two years.
b. The teacher said he wrote the book in two years.
c. The author had wrote the book in two years, the teacher said.
d. The teacher said that the author has written the book in two years.

84. While the managers ... a meeting, the workers ... a strike.

a. was having / was preparing
b. was having / were preparing
c. were having / were preparing
d. were having / was preparing

85. The builders constructed the bridge in no time.

a. The bridge had bcen constructed by the builders.
b. The bridge was constructed by the buiiders in no time.
c. The buiiders were constructing the bridge in no time.
d. The bridge has been constructed by the buiiders in no time.

86. You'll come to my party,... you?

a. will
b. would
c. shall
d. won't

87. ... had she entered the room, when she heard somebody screaming.

a. Hard
b. Hardest
c. Hardly
d. Harder

88. That house was ... ten years ago when I worked in town.

a. mine
b. my
c. me
d. myne

89. ... you say you were in charge with this task?

a. Do
b. Does
c. Have
d. Didn't

90. They were writing their essays when the English teacher ... in and interrupted the activity.

a. had entered
b. come
c. came
d. has come

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